Dropshipping Program

What Will You Get Once You Become a Dropshipper?

1. Free online store.
2. Investment to start your own business.
3. Free guidance to promote and set up your store.
4. Free IT support.
5. Support of ordering, quality control and shipping.
6. Quick response to your questions.
7. Others we can help.

Drop Ship Program Guidelines:

Dropshipping gives you the convenience of being your own boss with your own online business in just a matter of hours. The full range of our inventory is available for all our dropshippers; it really is as simple as choosing what products you want to sell, and then contact our sales team if you require any assistance.

Potential drop shippers must have an established website with a target market similar to .

The drop shipper will feature products on their site, procure orders and submit them to in turn will fulfill the order and ship directly to the customer. Drop ship members will be responsible for invoicing their customers. The drop shipper will receive an invoice (retail prices plus flat shipping fee) less their drop ship discount.

Gift wrap and cards are an option available to customers.

As you become Dropshipper ?

Become Dropshipper is very simple, you must first register as a customer at our website , indicating your registration information to the site and the URL of your online store or your sales channel.

After reviewing your request we will activate your account and the reserved price list for Dropshipper so you will buy from our website at prices even lower than those already offered on our website. You are free to resell the products to your customers at prices that you feel is appropriate in order to have as profit the difference between the payment received and what you will pay to us to finalize the order.

During the purchasing procedure on our website, you musi indicate how directly customer address where we will send the product for you.